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I created this blog years ago with great enthusiasm only to run out of blog subjects after a short time. I still continue to post, but rarely.


That Didn’t Go Well

16 May 2016

A little over a year after moving to HostGator, I’ve moved once again. I thought the hosting service would be an improvement over GoDaddy, which I had used for years. Instead, it was the same and an email spam nightmare.

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Time for a Change

09 Feb 2015

I’ve had my websites on GoDaddy for fifteen plus years. For most of my stay there, I had no real problems, but, lately, I started noticing slow response times on one of my websites. I was also in the process of rewriting a site using Ruby on Rails. GoDaddy doesn’t support it. It was time to move

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Before I started using Day One to do my journaling, I made entries in a Microsoft Word document. Once I decided I was going to stay with the application, I wanted to import all my older entries so they would all be in one place. There is an automated import option, but it only supports MacJournal and Momento the last time I checked. I had to find another way. Cutting and pasting directly into the app a day at a time was out of the question as I had three and half years of daily entries. That’s when I looked into Day One command line option.

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Starting a Blog

30 Oct 2012

This is my second blog. I started one on photography a few years ago and only managed a few entries before I stopped. I just couldn’t think of anything to say that already hadn’t been said many times before by other bloggers. I told myself that if I ever started another blog, I wouldn’t abandon it.

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