Creating a Story

For some writers, thinking of new story ideas may be easy. For me, it’s a struggle. I’m new at it so maybe it’s my approach. I sit down and try to think how a story might begin. A few interesting scenarios have come to me, but the problem is that I don’t know where to take them or they’re boring hero saves damsel in distress plots.

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After getting nowhere, I tried a new approach. I would first think of an overall trial or a quest that the protagonist would undergo. Then I would decide how it would end. With these elements in place, it made it a lot easier to create scenes that supported them.

One of the first trials that came to me was a self made man of modest means falling in love with a rich woman before he knew of her status. She wants to share her wealth with him, but he wants to be the provider. He has to decide between his love for her and her rich life style. A happy ending made the most sense, so I’m going with love conquers all. Now all I have to do is create scenes that show them falling in love and the protagonist suffering through indecision until a crisis makes up his mind. It’s still a challenge to write some of the scenes. When I get stuck, I can move to a different part of the story since I know where it’s going.

I’m sure I’ll discover other ways to put a story together. Until that happens, I’m sticking with my plot first approach.

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