Ideal Twitter Feed

My Twitter feed has long ago grown beyond my capacity to read it all. Most of it is filled with tweets that I don’t care about or find irritating. I filter out what I can and skim over the rest in search of valuable content. It got me to thinking about what would be my ideal feed. Here's a list of what I would like to see:

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  • Links to articles or blog posts about writing and the writing profession. They help me find information I might not have found on my own.
  • Personal comments about an author's writing experience. I find comfort in knowing that other authors go through the same problems as I do.
  • Comments about the author's life in general. It's nice to get to know an author as a person
  • Quotes by well known authors about writing. They're usually inspiring.
  • Questions about writing. I like to help when I can.
  • Announcements about publishing events. For example, my book was published, I'm doing a book signing, I got an agent. I like to hear about the success of other authors.

I wouldn’t expect to see all these types of posts from any one person. Some posters put up a lot of links, others specialize in quotes. As long as they mainly limit themselves to the items on my list, they’re in my daily read. Fortunately, there are a number people that I follow like that.

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