You Should Complain

Are you at a loss as to what to write? Is your current work uninspiring? Well, you should complain. You should bitch and moan and get it off your chest. Do it at your keyboard. That’s what I did and it felt great.

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No sooner than I had finished my last blog post about how I didn’t want to abandon this blog, I ran out of ideas for future posts. I was also tapped out when it came to writing in general. The only thing I had going was a journal where I enter a few lines about what I wrote that day. I was mad about being stuck so I took it out on my journal. I described what few good parts there were, dissected the symptoms, and mused about how I wasn’t cut out to be a writer. I really got worked up. After few hundred words an idea for a story came to me.

The next day I excitedly started on my new story. I first wrote the lead in and then started to outline the rest of it. By the time I was done with the outline, I had lost all enthusiasm for it. The plot had been done hundreds of times before. Within and hour, I was back to nothing to write about. Not only that, I had a blog post due in a few days.

I went back to my journal even madder than before. After ranting some more about my writing impasse, I just wrote about whatever came to my mind. I was determined to not stop writing for more than a few seconds. It wasn’t important that what I wrote was any good or made any sense. In the middle of it an idea came up and I spent a few paragraphs on it before I was spent. I immediately moved on to something else. I just kept writing.

Finally, I reached my goal of a 1000 words. I didn’t want to stop, but I had run out of time. I felt great about writing. In the days since, I’ve managed 1500–1600 words in my hour sessions. I’m not mad anymore so the subject matter has changed. It’s amazing how the words just keep coming to me. I going to continue writing in this manner to see where it takes me.

It seems like cheating to be writing a blog post about not being able to write a blog post. I feel that the point I’m making is a good one. I’ve learned that agonizing over what to write gets me nowhere. It’s more important just to write, just to keep putting down one word after another without stopping. It energizes my writing spirit.

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