The Arcane

This section is a collection of arcane knowledge that I've accumulated over the years. I'm sure it will be useful to a few people, perhaps very few people. At least I like it.

Abrams Library of Great Painters Series

This is a series of quatro sized (10 x 13) art books that Harry N. Abrams published from the 1950's to the 1980's. Each volume contained a number of tipped-in full color plates. I've compiled this list of titles from the end flaps of the books I have in the series. It may not be complete. Almost all of these books are still available at used book stores. Most of the ISBN numbers were copied from my own editions. The others were obtained from the Internet.

Title Lived Genre Author ISBN
Beckmann [Max] 1884-1950 New Objectivity Stephan Lackner 08109-0269-9
Bonnard [Pierrre] 1867-1947 Post-Impressionist Andre Fermigier 08109-0041-6
Bosch [Hieronymus] 1450-1516 Late Gothic Carl Linfert 08109-0043-2
Braque [Georges] 1882-1963 Cubism Raymond Cogniat 08109-0703-8
Bruegel [Pieter] 1520-1569 Renaissance Wolfgang Stechow 08109-0045-9
Caravaggio 1573-1610 Naturalism Alfred Moir 08109-0757-7
Cézanne [Paul] 1839-1906 Post-Impressionist Meyer Schapiro 08109-0052-1
Chagall [Marc] 1887-1985 Cubism± Werner Haftmann 08109-0074-2
Constable [John] 1776-1837 Romantic Landscape John Walker 08109-0752-6
Corot [Camille] 1796-1875 French Landscapist Madeleine Hours 08109-0058-0
Dali [Salavador] 1904-1989 Surrealism Robert Descharnes 08109-0222-2
Daumier [Honore] 1808-1879 Realist, etc. Robert Rey 08109-0834-4
David [Jacques Louis] 1748-1825 Neoclassical Luc de Nateuil 08109-0833-6
Degas [Edgar] 1834-1917 Post-Impressionist Daniel Catton Rich 08109-0067-X
Delacroix [Eugene] 1798-1863 Romantic Maurice Sérullaz 08109-0069-6
Dufy [Raoul] 1877-1953 Fauvist Alfred Werner 08109-0083-1
Dürer [Albrecht] 1471-1528 Renaissance H. T. Musper
El Greco 1541-1614 Mannerist Leo Bronstein 08109-0873-5
Gauguin [Paul] 1848-1903 Post-Impressionist Robert Goldwater 08109-0137-4
Goya [Francisco de] 1746-1828 Rococo, Neo-Baroque José Gudila 08109-0149-8
Hals [Frans] 1580-1666 Baroque H. P. Baard 08109-1055-1
Ingres [Jean-Auguste] 1780-1867 Romantic Robert Rosenblum 08109-0195-1
Klee [Paul] 1879-1940 Expressionism Will Grohmann 08109-0228-1
Leger [Fernand] 1881-1955 French Cubist Werner Schmalenbach 08109-0252-4
Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519 High Renaissance Jack Wasserman 08109-0262-1
Magritte [Rene] 1898-1967 Surrealism A. M. Jammacher 08109-0278-8
Manet [Eduard] 1832-1883 Impressionist Pierre Courthion 08109-0260-5
Matisse [Henri] 1869-1954 Fauvism John Jacobus 08109-0277-X
Michelangelo 1475-1564 High Renaissance Frederick Jartt 08109-0299-0
Modigliani [Amedeo] 1884-1920 School of Paris Alfred Werner 08109-0323-7
Mondrian [Piet] 1872-1944 Cubism, Neo-Plasticism Hans L. C. Jaffé 08109-0325-3
Monet [Claude] 1840-1926 Impressionist William C. Seitz 08109-0326-1
Munch [Edvard] 1863-1944 Art Noveau ± Thomas M. Messer 08109-1415-8
Nolde [Emil] 1867-1956 German Expressionist Werner Heftmann 08109-0347-4
Picasso [Pablo] 1881-1973 Cubism, etc. Hans L. C. Jaffe 08109-0368-7
Pissarro [Camille] 1830-1903 Impressionist John Rewald 08109-0413-6
Poussin [Nicolas] 1594-1665 Baroque Walter Friedlaender
Raphael 1483-1520 High Renaissance James Beck 08109-0432-2
Rembrandt van Rijn 1606-1669 Baroque Judwig Münz, B. Haak 08109-0437-3
Renoir [Auguste] 1841-1919 Impressionist Walter Rach 08109-0446-2
Rouault [Georges] 1871-1958 Fauvism Pierre Courthion 08109-0459-4
Seurat [Georges] 1859-1891 Post-Impressionist Pierre Courthion 08109-0474-8
Soutine [Chaim] 1894-1943 School of Paris Alfred Werner 08109-0468-3
Titian 1485-1576 High Renaissance David Rosand 08109-1654-1
Toulouse-Lautrec 1864-1901 Post-Impressionist Douglas Cooper 08109-0512-4
Turner [Joseph] 1755-1851 English Romantic John Walker 08109-0513-2
Utrillo [Maurice] 1883-1955 School of Paris A. Werner, Sabine Rewald 08109-1725-4
Van Gogh [Vincent] 1853-1890 Post-Impressionist Meyer Schapiro 08109-0524-8
Velázquez [Diego] 1559-1660 Baroque Maurice Sérullaz 08109-1712-2
Vermeer [Jan] 1632-1675 Baroque, Dutch genre Arthur K. Wheelock, Jr. 08109-1730-0
Vuillard [Edouard] 1868-1940 Post-Impressionist Stuart Preston 08109-0538-8
Zurbaran [Francisco] 1598-1664 Spanish Baroque Jonathan Brown 08109-0549-3