Zetcho is a Japanese word meaning top of the mountain. It was one of the few words I could find as a domain name that wasn't already taken. This was in 1995. I was toying with tonsei or 'to shave one's head and forsake the world', but then I couldn't do this web site.

The body font is Cabin, designed by Pablo Impallari. The header font is Vollkorn, designed by FRiTZe. The navigation links font it Halant 300 published by the Indian Type Foundry. I've designed the header and body scaling factor of 1.25 with exponential growth. The body font size is 20px for large screens and 16px for smaller ones. An excellent application of the principles to the Web can be found at Richard Rutter's site.

The home page image is of Mt. Fuji, Japan. It was taken by Nicholas Turner. The header pattern on the back pages is by Steve Schoger and was obtained from his web site.

Layout Formatting

The header and body spacing for large viewports.

Heading 1

Body Text

Heading 2

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Heading 3

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Heating 4

Body Text

Heading 5
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