William (Curt) Rowe

My full name is William Curtis Rowe. I come from a long line of Williams so I go by Curt. I was born and raised on the San Francisco peninsula and continue to live there.

My first jobs after graduating from college were in the coffee industry. This also ran in the family. After a few years, I switched to Information Technology (IT) and spent the next 30 years working in the field. I programmed in a large collection of programming languages, operating systems, and platforms, which I list here.

My last job was as a chief systems engineer for Visa working on their online debit and credit card systems. I retired at the end of 2007. I continue to program for my own pleasure.

I'm now on the Advisory Board of the Merritt Cybersecurity Program. I rewrote their site in 2020 and continue to make enhancements to it. I also rewrote the website for CISE Education Fund, an organization that supports the Merritt Cybersecurity program.